Limmud 2016

Coming Dec. 2-4 in Shanghai!

Check out some of last year's highlights and articles . . .

Article by Jaime Fleischman (before last year's event):

Article by Vivian Wineman (after last year's event):

Get Involved!

Limmud China brings together Jews of all ages and denominations from across East Asia and the world. Our goal is to create an environment where we can learn from each other through workshops about all aspects of the Jewish experience. From the religious to the secular, we welcome everyone to participate. Limmud is a forum for a fun and respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas, and it is the people who participate who make it what it is.

The spirit of Limmud came to life 30 years ago in the UK, when a group of Jews got together for a retreat powered by learning through lectures, films, discussions, and workshops. This is a forum for Jews of all stripes to teach and learn from each other, that means sharing everything from klezmer music to how to jar pickles.

Limmud China is a unique regional gathering of Jews in East Asia. With participants and speakers from across Greater China, Singapore, Japan, India, and the Philippines, this event serves to bring together Jews living across the region to meet and contribute to this joint learning experience. Limmud is exceptional in its ability to bring people together, across borders, ideologies and cultures. It welcomes everyone and gives a voice to different kinds of Jews, with diverse backgrounds and ideas.

  • We are all responsible for each other and for the communities we create – everyone has an important contribution to make
  • We encourage participants to take an active part in all we do
  • We inspire people to be ambitious about their contribution
  • We value choice in form, content and style in our programmes
  • We encourage people not to stereotype others
  • Sessions which encourage vigorous debate are entirely acceptable but we will seek to avoid religious or political conflict. Sessions should be educational, and not polemical.